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Know your legal rights for consumer problemsmoney & debt issues, and issues with cars.


Leasing a Car

Leasing a vehicle is quite different from buying one. Leasing can offer lower monthly payments, but you typically spend more in the long run. Learn your rights if you lease. [...]

Leasing a Car2020-02-01T18:19:30-08:00

Car Repairs

Vehicle repairs can be complex and expensive. And the vehicle repair business isn’t tightly regulated by government. You can avoid or minimize problems with vehicle repairs by following these tips. [...]

Car Repairs2020-02-01T18:48:30-08:00

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is a serious offence with complex legal and technical issues, as well as significant penalties if you’re convicted. Learn what to expect if you’re charged with impaired driving. [...]

Impaired Driving2020-02-03T18:04:42-08:00

Traffic Tickets

The police give out a “violation ticket” for less serious driving offences. Learn the options available if you get a traffic ticket, and the steps involved in disputing the ticket. [...]

Traffic Tickets2020-02-03T19:49:05-08:00

Credit Cards

We use them all the time — to make purchases, shop online, and collect points. Credit cards are practical and convenient. Learn your rights and avoid problems with credit cards. [...]

Credit Cards2020-02-03T20:33:52-08:00

Credit Reports

A credit report shows your history of paying bills and borrowing money. Banks and others considering doing business with you look at your credit report to decide whether you’re trustworthy. [...]

Credit Reports2020-02-03T20:31:24-08:00