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What is defamation?

Defamation is communication about a person that tends to hurt their reputation. It causes people who read or hear the communication to think less of the person. The communication must [...]

What is defamation?2019-03-27T17:39:35-07:00

What if I’m late with my rent?

Your landlord can evict you for not paying rent, even if you are only a few dollars short or one day late. If you receive a "10 day notice to [...]

What if I’m late with my rent?2019-03-27T17:50:22-07:00

Can I get my medical records?

Your medical records actually belong to the doctor, hospital, or other place that made them, not to you. But the information in your medical records belongs to you. Under BC law, [...]

Can I get my medical records?2019-04-15T09:41:02-07:00

What is an appearance notice?

An appearance notice is an official document telling a person they have to appear in court at a specific time and place to respond to a criminal charge. An appearance [...]

What is an appearance notice?2019-03-27T17:52:18-07:00

Can I cancel an online order?

When you buy something online, you may be making a “distance sales contract”. This is a contract for goods or services that is not entered into in person and where [...]

Can I cancel an online order?2019-03-27T17:52:50-07:00

How do I apply for a divorce?

To get divorced, you need to get a divorce order under the Divorce Act. In BC, only the Supreme Court can grant this order. To get a divorce order, you have [...]

How do I apply for a divorce?2019-03-27T17:53:26-07:00

Can I return a used car I bought?

Your legal rights and options vary depending on whether you bought the car from a private seller or from a dealer.

Can I return a used car I bought?2019-04-15T12:51:14-07:00