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Changing your name

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If you’re getting married or divorced, you may be thinking about changing your legal name. Or maybe you just feel like changing your name. Learn what’s involved in a name change.

“My spouse and I are getting divorced. When we married 21 years ago, I took his last name. My credit cards, bank accounts, and even my driver’s licence are in my married name. On separating, I thought I might have to make some kind of application to change my last name back to my maiden name. But, it turns out I don’t have to — I can just start using my maiden name again.”

– Jacinda, Abbotsford, BC

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What you should know

For a name change that requires you to make an application, here are the steps involved.

Who can help

  • This information applies to British Columbia, Canada
  • Reviewed for legal accuracy in February 2020
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Amber van Drielen, One World Law Group

Amber van Drielen, One World Law Group

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