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Couples who aren’t spouses: Your income, support, and property rights

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Not all couples who live together meet the definition of spouse under BC’s family law. Those who aren’t considered spouses have some rights but not others. Learn what happens if you’re in an unmarried relationship that ends.

“My partner and I lived together for 17 months before we ended our relationship. We had bought a place together. It was only in my partner’s name, as was the mortgage. I thought I was automatically going to get half the property. But because we lived together for less than two years, that’s not the case. I have a harder path to asking a court for a share of the property.”

– Serena, Kimberley, BC

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  • This information applies to British Columbia, Canada
  • Reviewed for legal accuracy in April 2020
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Shelagh Kinney, Watson Goepel

Shelagh Kinney, Watson Goepel

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